Monday, December 8, 2008

We are all made from Star Dust...

A Brain Cell Totally Looks Like The Universe
see famous look-a-like faces

I don't care if I know nothing about science, I don't care if this picture is technically incorrect. As a Witch this speaks volumes to me. We are The Universe.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Searching for Polly Pagan

LANGUAGE WARNING: I swear a bit in this one! :P

There is an article on Witchvox at the moment, about Polly Pagans. It makes for an interesting read.

Prudent Pagan, Silent Pagan? Looking for Polly

While I don't agree with every single thing she says (and I am assuming the writer is a she) a lot of it resonated with me. I am for live and let live and all that guff, and I really don't give a monkey's arse if you think you are Otherkin, a hereditory Witch, or self-initated Wiccan. As long as you are aware that not everyone is going to agree with you, and they have every right not to. But I do wish more "normal" pagans were around. The ones that don't shove their 12 inch pentacles in your face, or going around being "all alternative".

The thing is, I know lots of proper alternatives out there, and they don't scream and shout about it all the fucking time. No-one cares how speshul you are, and Emo gets a bit tired once you are past the age of 17! (Yes, I am a bitch. Had you not noticed?) And as for the bleeding "love and light"ers, if I am honest, I just want to slap them. I am all for fluffy, but it needs to be with a big dose of reality as well.

Us average boring pagans, the ones with kids that aren't called Taliesen or Sapphire Moonlight or are Indigo/Rainbow/Crystal children, the ones that realise that boundaries and children are important, the ones who aren't casting spells left, right and centre, the ones that actually realise that you don't have to invoke the Goddess for every single bleeding issue. The ones that have a spirituality that doesn't smack you in the face when you meet them. Well, there aren't that many of them around. Not publically anyway. Not enough that you can meet them at moots, and not have to put up with wannabe Gurus and HPs'.

Where are the people who aren't headcases? The ones that you can have a conversation with about magick and not think you are nuts, but also you can just go out for a coffee with too? I know that sounds really really snobby of me, and perhaps it is. But there is part of me that knows if these people are the only ones that Joe Bloggs public ever come across, we are never gonna lose the tags of Freaks and Weirdos.

I am all for the strange. But let's make it have something to do with the music we listen to, the art we like, all about our hobbies and lifestyles. Not about our faith and spirituality. It makes us look like prats.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Being green, a personal view

I am really trying hard to live a green life, and I will admit sometimes it is a fecking struggle. I would be greener if I could be, but I feel that my home does conspire against me on occasion. We have a leasehold maisonette, ex council, and it is bloody awful really. We need a new boiler and central heating system, but can't afford to change it. We have really badly installed double glazing. So while we try to manage our heating responsibly, sometimes we are fighting a losing battle. We have a tiny, shittily laid out kitchen which I loathe. Seriously, I think it was laid out by someone that never cooked as it really isn't sympathetic to cooking. Which is a bit daft for a kitchen.

We do cook from scratch a lot though, which makes a small and messy kitchen worse, but it is worth it in the long run. It means that I know what my children are eating, how much it costs, and nothing goes to waste. We still occasionally get take-out, but it's not often and very much outweighed by the good stuff.

We recycle a lot. And it gets a bit ridiculous in a tiny kitchen. What we need is a larger kitchen with beeegbins! But it isn't really going to happen. So we have piles of cardboard, paper and plastic bottles in a corner of the kitchen. Oh, and don't get me on about fecking plastic bottles. (Evil things!)

We are on our 2nd compost bin. A big one which I am quite proud about. Just unfortunately, our garden is soggy, so don't get out there as much as I would like. We would have a waterbutt, but our gutters are enclosed and made of something very hard and unbreakable. We don't have a roof for solar panels, and a mini windturbine wouldn't work either.

Oh, another thing I don't do! Clean! LOL! Sorry, not really. But I am not so worried about keeping the place spotless. FFS, I have 2 kids, a cat and a dog, and a Hubs who teachs Tech! Tidy ain't ever really gonna happen! I am slowly decluttering the flat though. We are looking to moving in a couple of years, so the less crap we have the better. Finally got rid of our table and chairs on Freecycle, and have replaced them with my nan's old table and chairs which takes up a lot less room. I realised looking around my living room that there are only two items of furniture that aren't second hand. I really am not bothered by the "new and shiney" so will happily make do with quality second hand stuff.

I don't drive and we don't have a car. I do say that's because we are really green and worthy, but really if I am honest it is down to lack of opportunity and cost. But still, if it gives me extra greenie points I will be smug about it! :P It is a pain in the arse though sometimes, like today, when I have to get to Bishops Stortford with children in about an hour! Might be do-able. Will just have to do it and see.

We are looking into getting an allotment. We did start trying to grow stuff in our garden, but it is really too damp and dull in there. We have huge leylandii that I am trying to love. We didn't put them in, and they are so big now it would cost us an absolute fortune to get them removed.

I think that's what I am moaning about really. All the things I would like to do would cost money, we can't do since we are a leasehold, or we just don't have the space. When we move, hopefully all the plans that I have in my head will be able to come to fruition. In the meantime, we do the best we can and I know we are at least trying.