Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What is love? A chemical reaction that causes us to attract suitable mates to reproduce? Or a spiritual, and emotional state that makes us human beings? Is our love for our children just a genetic tie to make us look after them? Or are our children part of our very being, and to love them is what makes us real?

There are so many types of love, the word doesn't really encompass them all. One thing that always makes me wonder is the assumption of the ONE TRUE LOVE.

We are brought up on the ONE TRUE LOVE from the moment we are told stories. Nearly all the fairy tales tell us that we must look for, wait for the ONE TRUE LOVE, and if we don't we are somehow deficient.

But what does this believe in the ONE TRUE LOVE mean? It kinda makes sense to me if you look at it from a "christian" point of view. Of course you would only have ONE TRUE LOVE, because you have only ONE TRUE GOD. The OTL sets up a very neat and tidy paradigm, so we all can fit nicely into our prescribed boxes. We are taught to believe that we can only love one person and that must be our OTL.

But are we limited into loving just one person? Or do we actually just not look down that road less traveled, because, well, because we aren't allowed to? "Nice, well-behaved people" don't have those thoughts or do those things. Yet we all love more than one person in all other areas.

Once we have more than one child, our love isn't shared between the two. It just grows. We love family and friends, in different measure and perhaps with a different love, but it's still love. We don't ever run out of love. So why must we only ever love our OTL?

The OTL dynamic also means that any love before or afterwards is somehow made less, less important and meaningful. If a relationship ends, and another one starts, comparisons are made with the OTL, and usually it ends up with a denial that the previously relationship was the OTL, or that this current relationship will never "quite" come up to scratch.

Love isn't a commodity, it should be given and taken freely and with joy. Maybe one day, we will be able to see what really should be our ONE TRUE LOVE is ourselves, and that sharing love doesn't mean that someone else is going to get less of it.

Funky New Music

New to me anyway. It's very addictive.

Fever Ray

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Profit is God part 2

Gaia Sculpture - Oberon Zell

Post Earth Day thoughts...

I wonder what the state of the world would be in, if our "world leaders" had put the same kind of money into green fuels, averting climate change, etc etc that they have in their desperate efforts to save Capitalism as we know it?

It is so reassuring that the "people in charge" have the right priorities in mind. (That's sarcasm, btw.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Readers,

You have probably noticed of late that I have been a right miserable old bag. It is more a mood of "argh! at the world" than anything else, as situations beyond our control are making my family's life not as nice as it should be. Sadly, I don't think I am the only one feeling like this at the moment.

However this post is a concerted effort to be a bit more happy. The Sun is trying to shine and warm up, Spring is here and I am sick of being so fucking glum all the time.

So here are some Happy Things. We all deserve more of them in our lives.

"God Says Yes To Me"
Kaylin Haught

I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic
and she said yes
I asked her if it was okay to be short
and she said it sure is
I asked her if I could wear nail polish
or not wear nail polish
and she said honey
she calls me that sometimes
she said you can do just exactly
what you want to
Thanks God I said
And is it even okay if I don't paragraph
my letters
Sweetcakes God said
who knows where she picked that up
what I'm telling you is
Yes Yes Yes

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

We need to remember sometimes life is shit enough without any help from us, so we have to make the effort for our own happiness.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A More Uplifting Post.

Taken from Sia's FULL CIRCLE * Earthwise News & Notes Elizabeth Gilbert - A New Way To Think About Creativity

Creativity is something that I have been thinking about a lot of late. I am intending to put creativity back in my life. It has been missing in a big way for many years. (Well, unless you count creating children, which is definitely creating, just not with paintbrushes!)

May add more later.