Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh Yeah!

And btw, if the man in my life decided that I was the one that had to pick up his socks and generally run his life for him? After a month of not having anything that he has used cleaned or put away unless he does it, I am sure he would get the hint.

Fay Weldon

To be honest, I am tempted to just dismiss this latest hoo-hah over Fay Weldon's comments this week, and blame on the fact that she is an old dear, and therefore may be becoming prone to making comments that are blatently full of shit. I won't though. I suppose if you have ever considered Fay Weldon to be a feminist, then it is a blow to read one of your icons come out with such a crock.

But the worse thing about it all is this insistance on telling how useless the poor men are. You know, women need to look after them, and change their opinions to make sure they don't threaten their poor minds and egos. I am completely willing to accept that men and women are wired differently. But you know what, everyone is wired differently from everyone else. It has fuck all to do with gender. Gender is a really easy box to put people into, "well, they don't do tidying because they are a man." Nooo, they don't do tidying because they either hate it, or they are lazy fuckers.

If both of you are working, then both of you clean the house. If both of you are working, then both of you cook. If both of you are working, then IT IS AN EQUAL FUCKING RELATIONSHIP WHERE BOTH OF YOU PULL YOUR OWN WEIGHT!

Now, I am a full-time mum at the moment. My husband works hard, but he acknowledges that SO DO I! Looking after children is knackering. Caring for anyone takes time, effort and it is worth something. More than it gets at the moment. Our jobs are different, but one isn't more important than the other. And it certainly doesn't mean that my husband doesn't do anything around the house or with the children. And if I worked fulltime, then he would do more, not less.

Some men would probably live in a hovel if they could get away with it. Some women probably would. But usually someone who lives on their own can cope with the idea of housework. Why does that change for a man as soon as a woman is on the scene. In fact, I would be interested to know what the dynamics are with gay couples get together? Or is it still that old chestnut of gay men aren't the same because they are gay? That argument gets very old very quickly.

So, yes Fay. Quite frankly, I think you are talking out of your arse!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just Too Much.

What do you do when it all just gets too much? When you are having a major "stop the planet, I wanna get off" moment? What do you do when the patriarchal bullshit, ecological ignorance, and general "don't give a shit" attitude of your peers gets to a level that you just don't want to deal with it anymore?

Honestly? You shout and swear a lot. And you keep doing what you are doing. How can you do anything else?

I am having a real STP,IWGO! moment right now. However, I can't just stop, I have to keep getting up, living life, and generally getting on with what I get on with.

Oh well...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quiet of late.

I haven't really posted much here of late. Visiting friends and then a bout of Swine Flu combined with my laptop going POP!FIZZ! has meant that I don't get onto a pc that much.

I have started my 101/1001. Nothing major done yet, just simple things like buying myself flowers. Neil has put in his official grievance with work, and it is now just a a case of waiting to see what they do next. (A long and complicated story that I may one day get into.)

The summer school holidays have been dull and dreary so far. We don't look like we are getting away at all, as we can't go abroad (no current passports) and the weather is being too crap for going anywhere in the UK.

Hopefully I will get more in the flow so to speak and post more.