Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New iPad

My first post using my iPad. Very exciting. No, it is. Life at the moment isn't the great adventure that people think it is. I know moving to the bottom of the world is more adventure than a lot of people experience, but really if I am honest, all I really did was sit on a plane for 20 Hours, and exchange houses. That probably sounds more bitter than I mean it. It has been fun meeting new people, and doing the few new things that we have experienced. However, because we have come here to live and work, not a lot of real adventuring has gone on. (I am aware that there is a certain amount of hormonal blah going on here, but can't help that.)

Neil works, the kids do school and I potter around the house doing bits and pieces. I have retaught myself to knit. And have knitted two scarves and three hats. (One hat and scarf ended up being for a Baby Annabell doll as I got the proportions completely wrong!) I am going to dig out the sewing machine and see what I can accomplish with that.

I realised that the deadline for the 101 things to do in 1001 days passes. I didn't do them all, but at least I did some of it. I am going to try and start another list, with the ones that I didn't manage with some new ones added. Depending when I start, the finish date will be around date will be about February 2015.

Missing my chums in the UK, and witchy peeps. I haven't found any other like minded people so far, although I have been told they are around. Until then, I will have to suffice with being more active online.

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